Monday, February 1, 2010

Gives me Hope, part one of many

So thanks to Annie, I recently found a website called Gives Me Hope. So here are some things that give me hope.
  1. My doctor who, among other things, lets me email her as often as I want, asks about my life, and helps make sure I can afford my treatment.
  2. The specialist who, a year ago, offered to treat me for a decreased rate so that I could afford it.
  3. My roommate who (despite not having severe chronic pain) is always willing to listen to me talk about disableism, understands more about it than most fairly-healthy people, and is willing to admit that she doesn't know everything about chronic illness and disability.
  4. My other best friend, wh0 is always there to listen to me, take me to medical appointments and who has done more than I can say for me.
  5. People who deal with my health problems in a way that makes me feel respected and happy.
  6. Friends made online.
  7. People who laugh with me at my health jokes.
  9. Feminists with disabilities


  1. Wow, can I borrow your doctors/specialists?
    That gives me hope in the sense that I have never had a doctor like that. Maybe someday I will :).

    Your friends sound lovely :)

    Also, I love lists. On a side note. In case you couldn't tell from my blog :P

  2. If you ever need a recommendation for a neurologist in the States, I would whole-heartedly recommend her! She does such an amazing things for my hope and happiness and fear. I hope you will be able to find the same.

    And my friends are lovely. And lists are fabulous :)

    Also, thank you again for the intro to gives me hope!

  3. Gives Me Hope...what a lovely place!