Monday, February 8, 2010

Working on remembering the good things

I'm feeling a little stressed and upset, so I thought I would post some things that have been making me happy.

  • The song "Hide and Seak" by Imogen Heap (This YouTube video has the song and lyrics. Or you can find the lyrics here.)
  • An online world of friends and people who understand what it's like to be constantly ill and in pain. And who help me cope and live better.
  • Learning. Seriously, I love learning new things :)
  • Feminism and feminists :)
  • My best friend for starting a conversation about disability and telling me that I am not making up the hurt I feel. (Dear self-doubt, my friends will help me defeat you.)
  • Lauredhel at Feminists with Disabilities decided to include two of my posts in the recommended reading posts last week.
  • I am watching Un Long Dimanche de fiancailles (A Very Long Engagement) tomorrow night with friends. Love that movie!


  1. This list is great, I hope it helped you feel better :)

    I just checked out Feminists with Disabilities and found some great stuff on there! I plan to frequent the site from now on, so thanks!

  2. One of my favorite sites!
    Thanks Aash :)