Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gives me Hope, pt. two of many

It's been a hard week, but it's starting to get better, so I thought I would post somethings that give me hope:
  • Finding people who are passionate about feminism, especially in someone I didn't expect to have that passion.
  • Passion in general.
  • Created families.
  • My best friend. For helping me with my anger despite all she has to deal with. For not leaving me. For being the best person I know.
  • Teachers who buy school supplies out of their own small salaries so that the kids can have basic supplies.
  • Greg Mortenson
  • Cuddling
  • How hard people work to get an education.
  • How hard people work to survive and to help their loved ones survive.
  • Countries who try to measure their Gross National Happiness
  • The ideals behind the Olympics
  • When North and South Korea marched together at an Olympic opening ceremony
What gives you hope?


  1. Aww, I loved this list! I like to keep a list of things I'm grateful for on my worst weeks (basically the same idea). Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I love lists that aren't TO DO lists or grocery lists. Thank You!


  3. These things were all wonderful.
    I feel more cheerful already :)

  4. A great idea, I need to think about my list!

  5. I got this idea from a website called that I learned about from Annie. Totally helps make my bad days better