Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update: Botox and nerve blocks

A couple weeks ago, I got botox injections (2nd time) again, followed by nerve blocks/trigger point injections (1st time) four days later. For once, I thought something might be helping! I had lower pain levels for a couple days, and even seemed to respond better to my medications. I was so excited!

But now I have had high pain for about 1.5 weeks. Well, not too too high, but higher than normal. I think because I was coming off another medications.

So now I am exhausted. And I am confused/stressed that I thought I had found something, and it might not help afterall.

I would try to have the injections done again soon, to see if it helps, but I won't be home until March. So I guess I will be waiting a bit to see if it helps next time, hopefully for longer? Argh.

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  1. I've been there - start something new and get excited about a response that soon disappears. So frustrating! Maybe next time you get the botox you will get a better idea of how you respond. I hope it works for you...