Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day after a bad-ish migraine

I am so exhausted. I was going to try to be productive today. But I had a migraine yesterday. And I hit it with a lot of meds. And now, I am exhausted.

So should I have done something different? I tried to take a nap when i felt it starting, but four hours later it just started again. I took pills to knock it out.

The what ifs:
I could have taken my pills and gone to sleep. Instead I sat in the back of the a Capella concert. I have a lot of friends who are in the groups. And it's good for me mentally to get out and see people, instead of sitting in my room feeling cranky, in pain, and sorry for myself. But it might have been better for my exhaustion today. It would have been better for my pain levels if I hadn't sat in the light for an hour.

I could have cancelled on my girlfriend. She was supposed to sleep over. We still went to bed early and I was pretty much a lump who barely made conversation. But would having that bed to myself have meant more sleep and less exhaustion, less pain? I don't know.

I don't like the what ifs. They make me feel guilty. But why should I feel guilty for trying to be happy?

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  1. While there is no right or wrong thing to do in these situations, I have to say that I would done what you did. Whenever I can I decide to go ahead and do stuff with people (for the important social benefits) fully knowing there will be a price to pay. I just go ahead and plan for a useless day or two after big plans. That social stuff is so important - especially when facing chronic pain.