Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love your body?

In October, Feminists with Disabilities did a post (which I highly suggest and which you can find here) for Love Your Body Day about why some of the bloggers there love their bodies. It was one of my favorite posts from them and it got me thinking.... Almost seven months later, here's my (first) response/thoughts.

I love my body because, well... I don't. I love some parts of it, but more often I feel anger and hate towards my body.

But in my fights with my body, I've picked up some new skills and new perspectives. I won't be silent about how hard it's been, and the people who have helped and hurt me on the way there, but I love some of the things I have become and the people who have joined my life with this fight.

I love my tattoos and piercings and the way these things allow me to take ownership of my body.

I love the way my body crack, snapple, pops, and the way it feels after a good stretch.

I love the way my body takes me places (usually) and I have a begrudging respect for the way it grounds me (at least sometimes).

I love my body for being an entry way into disability rights culture and theory, and for the way it feels in the water.

I love my body for getting used to pain and for being so resiliant no matter what I throw at it.

Again, I suggest you check out Feminists with Disabilities' originial Love Your Body Day post found here.


  1. A beautiful post, and thanks for the link!

  2. This was great Assiya! Now I feel like I need to up my love for my own body.

  3. Hi Assiya ~

    I found you via Annie's blog. I love this post! I love my body because it put up with all the abuse I inflicted upon it over the years! And because it is trying oh so hard along with me to get healthier and stronger.