Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gives me Hope, part four of many

Somethings that give me hope this week:

  • My best friend. For many reasons. But in terms of today, because she told me she is here for me, whenever (something she has proved over and over). Now if only she wasn't graduating a year earlier than me....
  • Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD), which was yesterday. The posts are wonderful!
  • My sociology professor, who seems to think I'm going to end up as a professor. I'm not always the nicest person to myself, and he compliments me at least once a week and makes me feel better and more hopeful about myself and life.
  • My other fabulous friends. BADD was yesterday and the posts were reminding me how often friends run when chronic illness looms into the picture. Not everyone has been perfect, but I have some pretty fabulous people in my life.
  • Good music and good TV. When I'm stressed or upset (like recently), these things can help me feel just a little bit better.
  • Activism poetry, especially Adrienne Rich. Wow! Some people write in a way that make me feel healed, angry, empowered, and ready to change the world--all at the same time.
  • People who care enough to do the right thing if it's at all possible. This seems sadly lacking sometimes -- I'm a little tired of excuses about why people fulfill their responsibilities -- and its easy for me to focus on the people who had a responsibility (or should have had a responsibility) and who did nothing because they didn't care enough. Here's a celebration of the people who do care enough to do the right thing if they can.
What gives you hope?

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  1. That is a lovely list!
    The first thing that comes into my head is dawn. A love each new hopeful sunrise.